Four Common Foods You Can Enjoy in Ethiopian Restaurants

If you have never visited Ethiopian restaurants before, then you are missing a lot. Most of these restaurants have one thing in common. They all offer delicious and distinctive foods. These foodstuffs are also healthy, photogenic, and flavourful. Hence, if you are touring to a state, such as New South Wales, you can visit Ethiopian restaurants to enjoy some of the foodstuffs below.


Most Ethiopian restaurants prepare Tibs, which comprises of small chunks of meat, sautéed in oil or butter. It also has garlic, rosemary, onions, and hot pepper. It can also be served with other Ethiopian dishes, such as Injera.


This dish comprises of spiced and stewed fava beans that you can eat for breakfast. A special Fuul is large enough to share and serve with:

  • Chilli
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Avocado

You can also mash your fava beans and season them with salt and additional spices. Many Ethiopian restaurants serve this dish using small metal bowls.


Fans of Tartare can find Kifto delicious. Ethiopian restaurants prepare this dish by grounding raw beef, which has been combined with Kibbe, the clarified and spiced butter. Chefs in these restaurants can serve this food with Mitmita that act as an Ethiopian blend. Kifto can also taste great with Gomen, which consists of fresh cheese and cooked greens.

Tere Siga

This is another Ethiopian dish that’s popular because of raw red meat that’s sliced in cubes, but not convenient for faint-hearted people. Only people who are used to this type of dish can be able to deal with the adverse effects of eating. Tere Siga can also comprise of salmonella and tapeworm, depending on what you prefer.

Concluding Remarks

Most people go to Ethiopian restaurants because of delicious foodstuffs, which are prepared there. The delicious and flavourful nature of these foods makes them common. Thus, when visiting any Ethiopian restaurant, you can order one of these dishes.