The Best Restaurants and Bars in New South Wales

The food and drinks reflect the multicultural personalities in Australia. The sheer variety of good bars and restaurants are bound to overwhelm you. Since time immemorial, the Australia Good Food and Travel Guide (AGFG) has been awarding Chef’s Hats to exceptional and discerning chefs. Therefore, when you are touring New South Wales, you can visit the following restaurants and bars.

Ethiopian Restaurants

The Jambo Jambo African Restaurant is one of the hidden gems, which many people don’t know about. The menu comes with vegetarian and meat options, such as beef, chicken, lamb, and goat. The owner is friendly and appreciates every customer who comes to the restaurant.

TAlem’s House is also an Ethiopian restaurant that serves dinner, lunch, and breakfast. It provides a wide range of vegan dishes that are included in the menu. This restaurant offers beer, BYO wine, and coffee are available, and it opens from Wednesday to Friday, but remain closed from Monday to Tuesday.

Ethiopian Cuisines

Most of the Ethiopian cuisine comprises of spicy meat and vegetable dishes. Cuisine like Wat is a flavourful, heavy, and spicy curry. Chicken curry or Doro Wat can be found in many Ethiopian restaurants in New South Wales. It can be served with other dishes like Injera.

Shiro is another cuisine that can be perfect for many vegans and vegetarians. Ethiopian restaurants prepare the dish, and many love it because of being spicy and tasty. Mostly, it’s prepared with broad lentils and powdered chickpea. They can also consist of garlic, minced onions, chilli peppers, and chopped tomatoes. Other cuisines you can expect in Ethiopian restaurants in New South Wales include the following:

  • Niter Kibbeh
  • Awarze
  • Mitmita

Final Remarks

Bustling bars and restaurants in New South Wales are continually evolving. Therefore, if you are touring to this place, make sure you choose the best bar or restaurant to enjoy drinks and food. Though, when choosing, remember to consider factors, such as cost, value, service, and quality.